Dried Flower Care Advice

Good afternoon lovelies,

I hope you are all fine and dandy. As promised a blog on how to love and care for your dried flowers.

Unlike some things in life dried flowers are pretty easy to take care of, here are some care tips which will help them stay looking beautiful for years to come.

 ▪︎Do not water (stems become mouldy & weak).

▪︎Avoid placing them direct sunlight. This increases the natural fading of the    flowers.

▪︎Be gentle, they are fragile & become more fragile in time.

▪︎ Place in a 'quiet' place. The less movement the better.

▪︎ Be aware coloured stems may 'seep' dye.

▪︎ Keep away from damp areas, while ensuring a good airflow.

▪︎Keep away from little people & furry friends (so they stay nicer for longer).

▪︎To dust use a hairdryer on a cool, slow setting or a soft paint brush.

▪︎If they need to be stored, avoid plastic containers. Cardboard or wooden boxes are preferable. Wrap lightly in tissue paper.

▪︎ Most pampas grass moult which is part of the natural growth cycle.

▪︎To fluff up pampas use a hairdryer to make plumes fuller.

▪︎Once the pampas is arranged, hairspray can be used to fix plumes & help with shredding.

▪︎ Avoid placing in rooms which get too hot. The heat can make the stems brittle.

Any further questions please do ask. Happy Thursday all!

Love Rachel xx

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