Beautiful & Botanical

Everlasting loved flowers

Bespoke Dried Florals

Dried Flower Bouquets

Beautiful longlasting dried flower bouquets.

Tailor made to your preferences, uniquely individual and made with love.

Flowers & foliage subject to availability, we will match flowers and colours as close as possible. They will still be just as lovely!

Floral Domes

Decorative glass bell jars filled with longlasting dried flowers.

All unique, bespoke and made with care.

Perfect special gift for our busy lifestyles, low maintenance, everlasting and simply beautiful.

Flowers & foliage subject to availability, we will match flowers and colours as close as possible. They will still be just as pretty.

Dried Floral Crowns

They can be pretty, delicate, bright, natural. Whether its for a wedding, festival, party or photoshoot they can be tailor made to your theme and preference.

Floral Wreaths & Hoops

Dried floral wreaths can be used in your home or office all year round. They make perfect house warming presents, made to order to suit your home decor. They can be placed on walls, mirrors, inside doors or on a table with a gorgeous candle.

Dried Floral Hair Accessories

Dress your hair up in pretty dried flowers. Weddings, parties, festivals or a photoshoot, you can request your colour scheme and style.

Dried Flower Arrangement

Have you got a empty space in your home or office that needs some beautiful longlasting dried flowers to cheer it up. They can be arranged in your own vase or we are able to supply one which compliments your home decor and flowers chosen.

Dried Flower Cake Toppers

Bespoke cake toppers for all occasions, versatile, in trend and so so beautiful. 

Photos supplied by Lottie's Cup cakes based in Devon. 

A wide selection of colours, flower variety available and can make to a certain design. Please message us or details.

DIY Flower Box

Do you have a lonely empty vase that needs some life and do you fancy being adventurous?

We can pop together a DIY boxes for you to get creative with. Please message us for more details.

Dried Flower Bridal Bouquets

Dried flower bridal flower are becoming so popular.

They are versatile, unique, can be made in advance of your wedding date and the best thing is that you can keep them afterwards as a momentum (as long as you do not do a bouquet toss)!

Pop them in vase to admire for many wedding anniversaries to come.

Beautiful & Botanical nestled away in the beautiful Devonshire countryside.

We specalise in creating unique floral art mainly using dried & perserved flowers and foliage.

We use traditional floristry & free flowing natural techniques, creating longlasting floral designs with love and care.

Please keep in mind flowers are subject to availability, we will do our best to use as similar flowers as possible. They will still be as lovely!


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Dried flower Care Advice

Dried flowers are pretty easy to take care of, here are some care tips which will help them stay looking beautiful for years to come.

1. Do not water (stems become mouldy & weak).

2. Avoid placing them direct sunlight. This increases the natural fading of fhe flowers.

3. Be gentle, they are fragile & become more fragile in time.

4. Place in a 'quiet' place. The less movement the better.

5. Be aware coloured stems may 'seep' dye.

6. Keep away from damp areas, while ensuring a good airflow.

7. Keep away from little people & furry friends (so they stay nicer for longer).

8. To dust use a hairdryer on a cool, slow setting or a soft paint brush.

9. If they need to be stored, avoid plastic containers. Cardboard or wooden boxes are preferable. Wrap lightly in tissue paper.

10. Most pampas grass moult which is part of the natural growth cycle.

11. To fluff up pampas use a hairdryer to make plumes fuller.

12. Once the pampas is arranged, hairspray can be used to fix plumes & help with shredding.

13. Avoid placing in rooms which get too hot. The heat can make the stems brittle.

Why Dried Flowers?

Dried flowers are timeless, they have the power to make time stand still, the charm and memories of the past.

▪︎They are of sustainable value, longlasting, versatile, durable and low maintenance.

▪︎Dried flowers can be used for all event decor. They can be prepared the day before and last longer, no wilting or dieing like fresh flowers.

▪︎Dried flowers come in all shapes, colours and sizes, with vast options available.

▪︎They are available through out all the seasons. Some dried flowers are dyed allowing a choice on trendy, modern and seasonal colours.

▪︎They add interesting tones and textures to your home decor.

▪︎Dried flowers are great value for money. They are a good investment for gifts, home decor & styling, as they can last up to a several years.

▪︎A beautiful gift that does not stop giving. A constant reminder in your home of generosity and love.

▪︎Perfect for hayfever sufferers. Dried flowers cannot cause hayfever related allergic reactions.

▪︎They are 100% natural and biodegradable, meaning they are eco-friendly and great for the environment. They are also sustainable as they are much less wasteful than fresh flowers.